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Plaid Hat Posts New Summoner Wars Preview

The daily previews continue as Plaid Hat Games continues to look at the decks coming in Summoner Wars 2nd edition. This one's a continuation of their look at the Savanna Elves.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! For today’s preview, check out some Savanna Elf staple cards for their boost-based strategies.

The Savanna Elves’ Lioness is one of the best generators and recipients of boost tokens. She is able to self-boost simply by attacking, and is rewarded with extra life for each boost she gains! Gaining life from boosting is a great snowballing effect, as she can leverage her increased life to continue threatening her boost tokens to convert into damage via Abua Shi’s Chant of Power we saw last preview!

Chant of Weaving offers up two key utility pieces for a growing Savanna Elf army. Summoning adjacent to your units is a great way to get some extra surprise reach towards your opponent’s summoner. Additionally, this Chant will boost the unit in which you are summoning next to, further extending your forward momentum as you develop your front line offense!