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Plaid Hat Posts Penny & Gizmo's Snow Day Preview

Penny & Gizmo's Snow Day is the new expansion coming for Quirky Circuits from Plaid Hat Games. Everyone's favorite penguin and robot-riding kitty are getting new tokens, cards, and more. Check out the first preview in this post.

From the preview:

Hello, and welcome to the first in a series of articles previewing our upcoming cooperative robot programming game Quirky Circuits: Penny and Gizmo’s Snow Day. In this article we are going to show what comes in the box, and how the gameplay works.

Winter has arrived in Robotopia and snow is everywhere. Outside, Penny is racing through the snow collecting flags. Inside the cozy house, Gizmo is busy chasing the restless dust bunnies. It’s your job to make sure they’re programmed to complete their tasks before they run out of battery. Let’s take a closer look.