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Plaid Hat Posts Quirky Circuits: Penny and Gizmo’s Snow Day Preview 2

Penny & Gizmo's Snow Day is the new expansion coming for Quirky Circuits. We've gotten one preview, but that's not nearly enough. So, Plaid Hat has posted up a second one to help feed your need for info about this new set.

From the article:

Hello, and welcome back to the second preview for our upcoming cooperative robot-programming game, Quirky Circuits: Penny and Gizmo’s Snow Day. In today’s article we will be taking a look at Gizmo, the robot vacuum cleaner.

 Robotopia is a world populated by adorable robots who love to follow their programming and complete tasks. It is your job to program them correctly so they can complete their tasks with enough battery power to get back to their charging unit where they can chill out and wait for their next task.