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Plaid Hat Previews Campaign Journal and App for Familiar Tales

The heir to the kingdom has gone missing and it's up to a group of wizard's familiars to find them. But they're not alone in their journey, they have some aids in the form of the Campaign Journal and the App. Well, that is to say, you will have those to help you along as you play Familiar Tales. Get a look at these components in this new preview.

From the article:

Hello, and welcome back to our preview series introducing our upcoming adventure game, Familiar Tales, an exciting narrative board game for 1-4 players, ages 8 and up.

This is the second article in the series. You can view the previous article by going here.

 In Familiar Tales, the players take on the roles of a wizard’s lovable and loyal familiars who have been thrown into a perilous quest that spans three eras. Along the way, you will be traveling across the kingdom escaping capture, searching for safety, and shaping the future of a child and her lost kingdom.

Today we will be talking about two components included with the game, that you will utilize to assist you on this journey: your campaign journal, and the handy Familiar Tales app. Together, these useful tools will keep track of your quest, both while playing, and also between sessions. That’s not all, let’s take a look.