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Tuesday. ... ... ... Don't know if I have much to say about it except that it's Tuesday. So, let's get to it and get some gaming podcasts for you. Quicker one today, but still, today on the dial we have:

Game Classy Episode 256: Gates are Closed

It's so hard to say good the gates of Antaaaaaaarrriiiiiieeeeessss

The Secret Cabal Episode 247: The Hunger and Games We Would Add to the BGG Top 100

Tony McRee of Rolling Dice and Taking Names blasts us into a new episode of The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast! Today the gang talks about some of the games they've been playing including Oltree, Dune Imperium, Merchants of the Dark Road, DinoGenics, Dice Throne, Camel Up and Last Light. Then Don, Steve and Jamie throw down a review of Richard Garfield's The Hunger from Renegade Games. Tony T, as always, wows the audience with this vast knowledge of all things gaming industry in his award-winning news segment. And finally, the Founders dive into a discussion about what games they would like to see in the BoardGameGeek top 100 ranking.