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Podcast Radio

Well, I didn't get picked to be on the Jury. But yesterday was extremely intense and I need something relaxing. Some gaming podcasts sound pretty good. Let's check out what's on the dial this week:

D6 Generation Pip Episode 115: Geek Nation Tours Interview - Post Lockdown Edition

Craig interviews Teras Cassidy of Geek Nation Tours (GNT). They discuss Adepticon, what a travel magnate does during a two year travel lockdown, and what's coming up with GNT.

And a very special announcement involving Craig, GNT, and Kepi's.

D6 Generation Pip Episode 116: D&D Live Session 49: Wrath of the wraith

In which we learn what happens when a wraith invades your personal space.

40K Radio Episode 80: Codex Tyranids and the Balance Dataslate

In this episode we take a look at the new Codex Tyranids and review the new balance dataslate. Find out how JF’s first Tyranid game with the new Codex went. Just how many Ripper Swarms was the Parasite able to make? Tune in to find out!