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Portal Games Announces Thorgal: The Board Game Gamefound Campaign

The popular comic book series, Thorgal, will soon be coming to your tabletops, thanks to Portal Games and Gamefound. Portal Games has announced that they're going to be running a campaign for a cooperative board game that takes players right into the pages and into the boots of the venerable adventurers from the series.

About the game:

Portal Games is happy to announce Thorgal: The Board Game, a new cooperative adventure game set in the Thorgal universe. Thorgal is a critically acclaimed major European comic book series, which has been published in 21 languages and sold over 14 million books worldwide in the last four decades. The series has 39 books in the main storyline and 24 books in three spin-off series that tell stories about fans' beloved characters.

Thorgal: The Board Game takes players to the fictional world incorporating elements of Norse mythology, the legend of Atlantis, science fiction, and horror. It tells a heroic story of a mysterious warrior possessing supernatural powers that came from the outer world and who after being raised by the Vikings strives to find a place for his family to live in peace while fending off enemies.

Thorgal: The Board Game with cover art by Frédéric Vignaux, the original illustrator of the comic book series, is coming to Gamefound crowdfunding site in May 2022 and will be released in retail in 2023.