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Pretentious Games for Villains and Bastards RPG Anthology Up On Kickstarter

Looking for something a little different for your gaming group? Want to take a quick break from your regular campaign and try something strange for a one-shot? Would you go to a bean-eating movie with George Wendt? If you answered yes to these questions, Pretentious Games for Villains and Bastards, an anthology of one-shot RPG adventures with a twist, is the set for you. It's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Pretentious Games for Villains and Bastards features 9 unique and unusual one-shot style TTRPGs, designed for engaging with the narrative and mechanics in fun experimental ways.

The Games

Eat Trash and Die - Jessica Crimes

Play as a swarm of locust-like goblins sent to reset the world. Eat trash to grow ever larger, to eat and grow yet more. The Big Lad demands it.

Rats in the Walls - Candel Motylinski

A game for people who like mischief and spreadsheets, take control of a swarm of rats living in secrecy in the walls of a castle. Avoid humans, grow your clan, and struggle against other swarms for rare plundered resources.

Slasher! - Aimee Meester

A GM-less horror game based on tropes from classic slasher films. While one player takes on the role of the Killer, the others step into character archetypes to try to survive. A game fuelled by gory kills, unnecessary character drama, and the inescapable character tropes that move a story forward (or what happens if you decide it’s worth the risk of subverting them).

Blackout - Jessica Crimes

You can do anything you want, if you can only find the words. In this experimental game players interact through the world by folding, blocking out, and otherwise manipulating physical text such as magazines and leaflets.

Love Me / Love Me Not - Ed & Tommy of Jollyboat

A collaborative love story built around an origami rose, from fiercely talented musical comedian brothers Jollyboat.

Kissing in the Weird Future - Jessica Crimes, Laura Kate Dale, Goji

Monsters, kissing, time travel, and more! Play as elite agents of CUPID on randomly generated worlds, trying to save the timeline by ensuring the right monsters fall in love at the right time. This book will feature a new, expanded version of the game - find the free version of Kissing in the Weird Future here

Terpsichorean - Roz Leahy

Terpsichorean is a diceless roleplaying game. It's about science fiction giant robot battles. It's about war and decentering masculinity in war stories. It's about love and loss on the battlefield. It’s weird.

ProtagonISH - Cat Elm

Indulge your self-insert OC power fantasies to the most ridiculous extent, playing as a perfect-to-a-fault character archetype in this hilarious game from Cat Elm.

Crossroads - Sasha Sienna and Jonathan Sims

Is there anything worse than being railroaded through an adventure by a heavy-handed GM? Yes! Being railroaded through the same adventure by TWO heavy-handed GMs, each of whom want you to do something completely different! Good luck, adventurer...