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Privateer Press Announces Dynamic Update Coming For Monsterpocalypse

Recently, Privateer Press posted their Dynamic Update for the elves in Warmachine. Well, it's not just Warmachine that's getting Dynamic Updates. The first one is coming soon for Monsterpocalypse. They've given us a little preview of what you can expect. So, if you play that game, you might want to head over and check it out.

From the announcement:

Ready for a surprise? Coming at the same time as the new Elemental Champions and Savage Swarm starters is the first-ever Monsterpocalpyse dynamic update! That’s pretty big news for Monsterpocalypse players, so let’s go over what this will all look like and how you will get the new rules and cards.

First, scope: in total, 16 models (including elites, if a unit) are getting changes. One model is being updated with a new rule to be standardized with the other monsters in its Faction. Five other models are getting changes because of how the new rulebook interacts with an existing rule. Finally, all models that currently have errata are getting their errata corrected on their cards. All and all, 41 models that will be seeing at least some changes. But there are two other criterias on scope: one, models released within the last roughly six months were intentionally excluded, with two extremely limited exceptions. And two, models that have appeared in a starter are excluded until those starters have been out of circulation for at least a year.