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Privateer Press Announces Riot Quest Board Game

Riot Quest is the alternate-universe game of arena combat from Privateer Press. All sorts of things can happen there. One such thing is that the whole thing can be turned into a board game. That's right. Privateer Press has announced a Riot Quest board game coming soon to Kickstarter.

From the article:

Riot Quest is the hilariously chaotic arena skirmish game in which you pillage the post-apocalyptic Iron Kingdoms with a quirky crew of handpicked heroes. It’s already enjoyed several seasons as a “hybrid” hobby game and even scored an Origins Award nomination for Best Miniatures Game immediately after it launched. Well, now, by popular demand, the next incarnation for Riot Quest is arriving: a proper “big box” board game, packed with all the miniatures and components needed for a full four-player bout of booty lootin’!