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Privateer Press Interviews AJ Beamu About IKRPG

Privateer Press has been taking time to stop and talk with all the authors that worked on the upcoming books for the Iron Kingdoms RPG. Their series continues with AJ Beamu. What'd he bring to the party? Take a look in this next installment.

From the interview:

In our ongoing series of behind-the-scene interviews with the writers of the latest Iron Kingdoms RPG installments (Borderlands and Beyond, Borderlands Survival Guide, and the adventure Shadow of the Seeker), we introduce AJ Beamu, whose author photo should tell you a lot about him…

Your author photo notwithstanding, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, some will know me as the video producer “the Servant of Nyrro,” and as such, I’m a seven-year player of WARMACHINE & HORDES (having dabbled in Cryx, Circle Orboros and Convergence of Cyriss, though always returning to my “spiritual” Faction home of the Retribution of Scyrah) with a few IKRPG campaigns played in that time as well.