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Privateer Press Posts MKIV Warmachine Changes Preview

The big news from Privateer Press is that they're going to a new edition of Warmachine. Of course, edition changes are always a big thing and players old and new are going, "What's changing!" Well, we get a look at some of said changes in detail in this article, along with some reasonings behind them.

From the post:

MKIV rules feature a number of changes intended to streamline, simplify, and speed up play in WARMACHINE. These range from changes to how units move and function to simplifications for stats, power attacks, and terrain. We have also added a number of exciting new elements, like warjack customization, Command Cards, and warcaster Rack options.

Many of these changes may be familiar to you from other products we have released. We had already begun discussions on MKIV even while wrapping Mk III, and a lot of our forward-reaching ideas informed the design of our games since then. As you read the list of changes below, a number of similarities will be obvious. The removal of facing, smaller-unit sizes with more manageable movement rules, the streamlining of AOE attacks and sprays, and the simplification of the terrain rules were all evolutions we have previously integrated in other games, but they grew out of our discussions on the future development of WARMACHINE.