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Privateer Press Posts New Monsterpocalypse Dynamic Update Preview

Monsterpocalypse is getting an overhaul. This we know. But what we don't know are all the changes that are coming. We know some, and Privateer Press is giving us another peek into what's coming in this new preview. We get a look at two more monsters and a unit and see how they're changing.

From the article:

It’s all about destruction on today’s Insider! We are focusing on the changes coming to the Destroyers’ Agenda with the upcoming dynamic update. If you haven’t seen the announcement for the first-ever Monsterpocalpyse dynamic update, I suggest hitting this link and checking it out.Of the sixteen models getting changes in the update, ten of them are Destroyers: six units (two of which are elites) and four monsters. One of the four monsters you already know—Globbicus. So, today I’ll share two more monsters as well as one unit with you. The remaining monster and units will just have to be a surprise!

Let’s get this started with several A’s all clumped together.