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Privateer Press Posts New Pendrake Encounter

You ever have a restaurant or food that you really love? I mean REALLY love? And then you can't get it anymore and you're super bummed about it? That's where you find yourself in Spider House Rules, a new Pendrake Encounter for the Iron Kingdoms RPG available now from Privateer Press.

From the article:

Wines, ales, and distilled liquor are commonplace throughout the Iron Kingdoms. From small independent producers to massive breweries on an industrial scale, the brewers of western Immoren produce vast quantities of varying qualities to be served in places as diverse as filthy roadside taverns to the banquet halls of royalty.

Wells & Larch’s is a renowned cidery in the Southern Midlunds of Cygnar. For generations, the brewery has produced some of the driest, crispest cider in the nation. Notoriously secretive, the brewery has carefully cultivated its orchards, yeast strains, and recipes within the walled compound of the isolated cidery.

Of course, things have changed since the Claiming. No shipments of the famous cider have passed beyond its gates in years. Fans of the drink have seen their reserves gradually dwindle over time, and any hope they have of getting a fresh supply seems like a foolish notion. The common assumption is that Wells & Larch’s did not survive the Claiming or its aftermath.

But true fans are not content to leave their precious drink in the past. The brewers of nearby King’s Vine have resolved to get their hands on the special ingredients and recipes thought to still linger within Wells & Larch’s walls.

This encounter is suitable for a party of 6th level characters.