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Privateer Press Posts Not a Keynote

Yes, strange headline, I know. But Privateer Press is insistent that this isn't a Keynote presentation. So, what it is? Well, it still gives a ton of previews of what they're working on for basically all of their game systems, from Warcaster to the IKRPG and Monsterpocalypse. Head on over and check it out if you're curious. But remember, it's not a Keynote.

From the article:

Spoiler alert! There are some juicy reveals ahead, but you should resist the temptation to scroll down to the bottom to see them. Instead, bask in the warm fuzziness of anticipation and savor the mind-blowing knowledge that will soon encapsulate every moment of your waking hours with untethered speculation about what the future holds. That’s right—you’re about to get a taste of what’s to come. But it’s only a taste. This is not a keynote.

Since the early years of Lock & Load, we’ve made a tradition of spilling the beans on our upcoming projects during the con, which usually landed in June and made for a great kickoff to our summer convention circuit. COVID, however, made mincemeat of said tradition, and with the challenges of an ongoing pandemic, overseas manufacturing and shipping delays, and an ever-shifting convention schedule, we’re not at a stage in the development of our various projects to make a full-blown presentation for upcoming releases. In some cases, such as Warcaster, we’re very close to the next Kickstarter campaign and don’t want to spoil everything that we’ll be revealing when it launches, and in other cases, like WARMACHINE and HORDES, the big developments are so far out that we don’t have enough to show off to make for a satisfying presentation yet. Still, we know enquiring minds want to know what’s coming down the pike, so we’re going to give a preview of things to come and then will follow up later in the year with something resembling the multi-media hype-train you’ve come to expect from us. Hopefully, these morsels will satisfy your collective appetite for advance intel for at least a few months. At the very least, you know you’ll have even more to look forward to.