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Privateer Press Posts Year-So-Far Update

Are we only 1/4 of the way through the year? Sure. Does that make it a little early for a year-in-review post? Eh, the folks over at Privateer Press don't really think so. Let's face it, it's kinda felt like it's been a full year already. As such, they've got a bit of an update about how things have gone and a little about where they might lead.

From the post:

Maybe we’re deep enough into 2020 for a full year-in-review, but dammit, this is my Insider, so I can do what I want.…

I started out the year by completing the sculpts of Archnumen Aurora, the Negation Angels, and Prefect Hypatia for Convergence of Cyriss. I was especially happy to have worked on these projects, as it allowed me to revisit the first WARMACHINE model I ever sculpted: Aurora. But I’d also been seeing all of the new art for Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika, and my mind was distracted—I really wanted to work on that project. 

As the company was ramping up the efforts on the new game and my current projects were winding down, it was finally time to discuss Warcaster sculpts. One of the things I enjoy most about working for and with Matt Wilson is that we’re both artists and are close enough in age that we have similar influences, which makes it easier for us to have shorthand discussions about upcoming projects. So, when I asked Warcaster Factions, Matt described Aeternus Continuum, finishing his description with, “You know—your kind of people.”

Warcaster was already at full speed when I started in on Aeternus Continuum, so I was behind before I even started (now you know why they release in wave 2!). The next two months were all about high-pressure deadlines to get the models done, but I knew I was not alone—everyone working on Warcaster, from sculptors to developers to 2d artists, were putting in the extra time to bring the game together.

One of the units available through Kickstarter, the Vassal Witch Hunters squad, wasn’t done quite in time to show the renders during the Kickstarter campaign itself. They’re very similar in style to the first Vassal Reavers squad, so this seems like a good place to share a sneak peek of how they’ll likely look when finished.