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Privateer Press Previews 2 Upcoming Riot Quest Figures

Want to know about the Mechanoshredder and Feora the Forsaken, a pair of Riot Quest minis that will be coming out soon? What to know what they do, what cards they come with, and a bit about their development? Then you'll want to check out this preview that Privateer posted up.

From the post:

Normally on Wednesdays like this, Oz and I would be hosting a live-streamed Dev Chat to show you all the fresh hotness coming out of the development pit. Unfortunately, getting out of the house and streaming isn’t an option right now, so we’ll just have to do the next best thing: type out some fresh hotness instead!

The highly anticipated release of two new Riot Quest models is just around the corner. Both Feora the Forsaken and the Mekanoshredder are coming out soon, so now seems like the perfect time to reveal their finalized Riot Quest rules, the Riot Gear cards that come with each, and the current in-testing WARMACHINE rules for both.

Let’s start off with the Mekanoshredder, shall we?