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Privateer Press Previews August Releases

School's just finishing up for a lot of students out there. Time for summer vacation! But Privateer Press is looking to jump past that and head all the way back to school returning in August. And along with school, they've got a new batch of releases they're working on as well. Have yourselves a look at what you'll be picking up along with your new backpack and pencil sets.

The creatures of the Waste are as strange as they are diverse. Slingoozer is nothing like the Toxxos or Globbicus—this agile ooze can fling itself over buildings or launch a portion of itself at far-off enemies. Its structure is always warping and changing. Enemies that try to pin the amorphous blob down will have a miserable time, and all the while, the ooze it has been slinging into the distance is coalescing into more threats.

The Earth’s protectors have been quick to evolve to accommodate an ever-more perilous battlefield.

G.U.A.R.D. engineers are going heavy metal. Along with their work on Legionnaire, they have developed new prototype G-tanks. These prototypes combine all the heavy armor their forces rely on but with much more stopping power.

The Shadow Sun Syndicate trains all its warriors to be expert shinobi; however, occasionally a prodigy of martial arts rises from the ranks. Since only a select few can become a Zor, these prodigies get preferential treatment with their gear.

Gakura has hand-selected some of the best scavengers in the Empire of the Apes. They are able to find all the best bits and pieces from a devastated battlefield, and once the scavengers return to their base, they can turn that junk into treasure.

In the face of greater resistance than they could have ever expected, those that would seek the Earth's destruction continue to advance their machinations.

When Uber Corp scientists saw that the G.U.A.R.D. were upgrading their G-tanks, they refused to be left behind. Continuing to work on their sleeker anti-gravity tanks, they created a marvel of destructive power. Uber Corp may not have many novel ideas, but they are renowned for their ability to iterate those they deem the best.

The newest War-Walkers from the Zerkalo Bloc are some of the first new technology to be developed on this Earth. The War-Walker-21 was developed to support and enhance the older series; as with everything Zerkalo, they are a cog in the machine of domination.

When the Planet Eaters set their sights on a new planet, they almost never struggle as much as they have with Earth. Burning cities is only necessary for those planets that put up a fight; it is rare to need to bring their Scorchers to bear and even rarer still to call upon their more advanced forms.

The Infiltrators are the close combat specialists of the Ranger forces. Armed with brutally effective fusion axes and magnetic charges, the Infiltrators bring the fight directly to the enemy with deadly effect. While their slip displacers can help them reach the enemy, once the explosives are set they must sprint for cover to escape the blasts.

The Marcher Worlds produce a variety of collapsible defense barriers that can be quickly deployed to the battlefield wherever they are most needed. While these blast shields are not much to look at and lack the mechanikal refinements of the mantlets used by their rivals, they are inexpensive to produce and quick and easy to move into position. These barriers provide protection to friendly forces and restrict the movement of the enemy.

The Paladin Defenders are among the most formidable close combat specialists in the known galaxy. Encased in Paladin compound armor and armed with heavy fusion spears and shields, these elite fighters can withstand even the most withering fire as they make their way across the battlefield to the positions where they are most needed. But the Paladin Defenders are not merely highly trained warriors; they are also protectors, trained and conditioned to position themselves in harm’s way to absorb attacks meant for lighter, less heavily armored combatants.

The Iron Star Alliance has spent a great deal of time, effort, and resources mastering the physics of field projection technologies. They rely on these fields to protect their warjacks, ships, and facilities. They also integrate these technologies into their force barriers, creating lightweight yet powerful barriers to defend friendly forces and to limit the movement of the enemy. Such mantlets also have an advantage over simpler barrier designs because as long as their field generator has not been destroyed, the barrier can always be regenerated to full strength.

Owing a period of service to the Temple each year, the Vassal Raiders are the citizen militias of the Aeternus Continuum. Though they are most often relegated to defending Continuum settlements and territories, they are sometimes dispatched to raid enemy holdings or to support the Temple’s larger military incursions. The Vassal Raiders are armed with Spiker rifles, mechanika weapons that, when charged with Arcanessence, fire a caustic projectile that devours all known matter, whether organic or inorganic.

The Aeternus Continuum makes good use of prefabricated defense pylons both in the defense of their temples and on the battlefield. These simple constructions offer cover to their forces in battle and restrict the movements of their enemies. These defensive barriers are equipped with mechanika devices that can draw power from enemy Cyphers.

Operating in squads of three, the Saber Guardians are heavy weapon support troopers of the Empyreans’ robotic legions. Armed with heavy Reticulum cannons, the Guardians lock down their enemies with destructive webs of searing power. Those who survive this onslaught and manage to close with the Guardians are often stunned to be cut down by their flailing tentacles in close combat.

In addition to their legions of robotic servitors, the Empyreans also deploy great numbers of sophisticated barrier defenses to both defend their forces and to limit the movement of the enemy. Though quite simple by the standards of the Empyreans and wholly lacking even limited intelligence, the carapax defensive barriers are constructed with wide spectrum scanners that can be used to detect even the most well-hidden enemies.