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Privateer Press Previews December Releases

Considering we're more than a week into September, it seems like it's ok to be thinking about the end of the year. And that's what Privateer Press is doing as they show off what they'll be releasing that month. Look on to see what you might be getting this holiday season.

The third Draken Armada monster that humanity was introduced to is the most extraordinary. Gausamal is a serpentine creature that is truly at home in space. Her grace and intelligence are easy to see, but her rage is ultimately terrifying. When calm, she uses subterfuge to defeat foes. But when things look their darkest, and she embraces the heated emotions that all Draken are capable of, she becomes an avatar of destruction humanity is lucky to have on our side.

As with the Coursers, the Draken Armada also utilizes trained creatures from their home world as aerial hunters. Stalkers range ahead of their masters, keeping pace with the Coursers below. When a target is spotted, they descend to breathe fire from a distance or tear into a tougher target with claws and fangs. Draken Mystics are gifted with a deep connection to the strange energies that power the race’s technology. They are marked from birth with a serpentine form that makes them easy to distinguish from their less-gifted fellows. Their lifelong training gives them unequaled power to aid those they lead into battle as well as their newfound allies.

Many worshippers of Dhunia have united under the leadership of Brigadier General Gunnbjorn to fight back the infernal invasion ravaging their lands. Gunnbjorn was sure to organize those who aided his cause into a proper military, which required a disciplined chain of command. This included training gunnery sergeants to coordinate the mass artillery fire the Dhunian army is capable of unleashing upon their foes.

Each Sergeant has a keen understanding of military tactics and the grit to get the job done. Even as the enemy rushes their positions, artillery strikes are called in and weapon crews are ordered into position, shredding hostile soldiers to pieces with the ceaseless ordnance fire.

The farrow have joined Brigadier General Gunnbjorn’s military crusade against the infernal invaders both in the name of their goddess and because the alliance affords them access to all manner of modern weaponry. What the farrow lack in discipline, they make up for with reckless ingenuity; the farrow sapper is an excellent demonstration of this quality. 

Farrow sappers sneak onto battlefields, planting mines in preparation for the enemy’s advance. When the battle commences, the sappers rush out of their hiding burrows with satchels full of more explosive mines, ready to be planted mid-combat. Sappers feel no fear as they charge an enemy soldier with a pair of mines in their hands, regrettably confident that their blast helmets will keep them safe even as they toss explosives at point-blank range.