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Privateer Press Previews June Monsterpocalypse Releases

Two ancient gods are fighting one another in the June releases for Monsterpocalypse. Head over and check out what's coming this month for the game that usually sets off the Giant Robot Alert, but isn't this time around.

From the article:

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another Monsterpocalypse Insider! This week, we’re going to look at the third installment of the First Guardian and Ancient Ones Factions, as well as the last chapter in their story.

For those who have not been following the fiction, let’s catch you up on the God War…

In the beginning, the people of Xoltol prayed to the sky god for favorable seasons. Seeing his people were good, he granted them favorable rains and winds for their crops. Yet the neighboring kingdom of Camazotz did not receive this boon. Their land was harsh and unfavorable for crops, so they survived by hunting…and by raiding other lands. The King of Camazotz sought out the Ancient Altar, a magical shrine that required a great sacrifice to bestow its dark power. The altar transformed Camazotz into a giant bat-like demon and, with that transformation, the destructive power of the god of carnage. The empowered king turned his own people into monstrous creatures of the night and brought his army to bear on the people of Xoltol.

The Master of Xoltol came down from his palace in the clouds to fight for the people he favored. The clash of these titans ravaged the city and forced the Master of Xoltol to transform the people of his land who were willing to fight by his side into creatures of the spirit and of the earth. The Queen of Iximqui, the capital city of Xoltol, could not sit idly by and watch the gods fight over the fate of her people, so she united her people in a common cause. She asked the greatest minds to engineer for her a weapon that could kill a god. They gave her a spear with the power of lightning, and her greatest priest imbued her with the power of the very sun itself.

United with the Master of Xoltol, they drove the King of Camazotz from their land. But he would not stay away for long. He knew that he, too, would need an ally in order to turn the tide of the God War back in his favor.