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Privateer Press Previews Level 0 Thagrosh for Hordes

Privateer Press is going through some of the most famous Warlocks in Hordes and seeing what they were like just as they were getting their start. In this preview, we see what happens when you take an ogryn and add a bit of a dragon's Soulstone to them.

From the preview:

Leading up to the release of five early iterations of some of the most powerful warlocks in Immoren, we’re showcasing each of the rule sets currently in playtest in this series of insiders. If you need to catch up you can find find Barnabas here, Makeda here, Madrak here, and Krueger here. Now it’s time to wrap up with the ever-resourceful Thagrosh.

Before armies of blighted ogrun began to rally behind Thagrosh and his conquest of the Nyss, he was in search of power. He fused with Everblight’s athanc, becoming a combination of the two entities, but that didn’t mean he had fully mastered the mutating power of the crystal. This version of Thagrosh picks up at a time when he was still coming to grips with the powerful influence of a dragon’s soulstone.