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Privateer Press Updates Riot Quest: Wintertime Wasteland Timeline

The pandemic of this year has changed a lot of release schedules for every company out there. And it's not going to just disappear at the start of 2021. So, what kind of roadmap do releases like Riot Quest have? Glad you asked, because that's just what Privateer Press is updating us about here.

From the preview:

As fall turns to winter, it’s time we ask ourselves an important question about life. Something I think we all ponder as we try to sleep at night.

When exactly is the second half of Riot Quest Wintertime Wasteland going to come out, and what will be in it?

Well, today I want to give you a brief roadmap of what’s to come for Riot Quest after the first half ships out. The second half of the season will be arriving in 2021, giving you more options not just for the Heroes in your Crew but also offering you entirely new ways to play the game!