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Purple Haze Board Game Up On Gamefound

Dense jungle. Oppressive heat. Enemies hiding seemingly behind every tree. An active combat zone. I can't really think of too many places that would be worse to be. For those that fought in Vietnam, that's just what they had to endure. Thankfully, we don't have to quite go that far. We can just play Purple Haze, a new board game from Phalanx that's up on Gamefound now.

From the campaign:

You look at the wrecked Huey, thankful you survived the crash. It got hit somewhere over the jungle. You lost the pilot. The gunner just fell out. Gone. On your way down you saw a glimpse of the other Huey. You think it got hit too, but you can’t be sure. You look around at your squad - wild-eyed Marines fresh out of boot camp - and sigh heavily. You gotta move fast. VC will be coming...

Purple Haze is an immersive story-creation game for 1 to 4 players that drops you into the heart of darkness: Vietnam, 1967.

It’s in part a story-creation game, in part a tactical combat game, and in part a campaign game. Your decisions will determine the story. Your tactics will decide the outcome of life-and-death firefights. Your men will suffer. Some won’t make it home. Those that do will get wiser, get tougher. The goal: complete the mission, get out alive.

The campaign's up and over its funding goal with 20 days left to go.