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Reach of the Roach God RPG Campaign Up On Kickstarter

Everywhere people go, it seems there's roaches there as well. As such, the Roach God's power is pretty extensive. How extensive? You'll find out in Reach of the Roach God, a new system-free RPG campaign that's up on Kickstarter inspired by Southeast Asia.

From the campaign:

REACH OF THE ROACH GOD is a tabletop RPG campaign set in the deep places of the earth. Explore villages and temples; follow trails through karst and cave; breathe in the darkness; parley with a god in chitin.

The first full-length adventure book from A THOUSAND THOUSAND ISLANDS, a Southeast Asian fantasy worldbuilding project. Beautifully illustrated, with a system-neutral design, for use with the fantasy tabletop RPG of your choice.

Inspired by the vast caves of Southeast Asia: places of underground rivers, entombed jungles, ancient bones, holy spirits, and many, many roaches.

The campaign's around 8x funded with 14 days left to go.