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Renegade Game Studios Previews New Heroes of the Grid Sets

*shredding guitar plays while color-coded explosions go off in the background* Ah yes, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid. Always a good way to get some energy into my day (but be careful, too much Pink Energy is dangerous). Anyway, Renegade Game Studios has some new sets coming to pre-order soon and you can get a look at them in this preview.

From the announcement:

Take on Venjix and his devious lieutenant Tenaya 7 in the latest expansion for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid! Pre-orders will open January 23rd, and until then, we'll be dropping additional spoilers each week, so be sure to check them out here!

In addition to the Shadow of Venjix, the 23rd will also see the launch of Ranger Allies Pack #3, featuring five new heroes for you to take into battle! Members of the Mystic Force, Alien Rangers, Dino Charge, and more show up, so keep an eye on our upcoming spoilers here!