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Review Roundup

Woo! Saturday! Woo! Even more woo than Friday! Woo! All the woo!

So, being Saturday, it means it's time for a Review Roundup. So, without further ado, let's get to those reviews I know you all so desperately desire.

Today we have: Machina Arcana, Dark Domains, Guild Master, Bad Maps, Root, Pyramid of Pengqueen, Simulation Theory, Maki Stack, Maiden's Quest, Hannibal & Hamilcar, Drop It, and Space Marine Adventures.

Undead Viking:

Machina Arcana Review

Dark Domains Review

Learn to Play:

Kickstarter Overview of Guild Master

In this video I will be showing you some of the features of Guild Master and giving you my thoughts and opinions on the game and if it is one you should have a look at.

Kickstarter Overview of Bad Maps

In this video I will show you some of the different features of Bad Maps and give you my thoughts and opinions on if this is a game you should check out.


Root Review

Root has you controlling one of four different factions vying for some form of control of the woods. How Root plays is also one of its most highly publicized selling points. Every faction is driven by different motivations and functions in vastly different ways.

Every faction is racing to reach 30 points first but will employ their own unique methods to do so. The Marquise de Cats begin the game in power and are keen on turning the forest into an industrial powerhouse. On their turn they will generate resources and choose from a menu of actions that includes moving armies, recruiting soldiers, and constructing new buildings, which is their main avenue for generating points.

Pyramid of the Pengqueen Review

Pyramid of Pengqueen is a hidden movement and deduction game for two to five players. One player is the Pengqueen, trying to prevent the adventurers (other players) from stealing her treasures. The game ends when either one adventurer collects all five of their treasures or the Pengqueen catches the adventurers a certain number of times. That player wins.

Polyhedron Collider:

Simulation Theory Kickstarter Review

Simulation Theory is a board game that seems to think it’s cleverer than it actually is. An RPG inspired take on the matching pairs memory games, Simulation Theory attempts to blend adventure and exploration into a game of virtual realities, where anything is real, and whereas the final game is perfectly functional, the result simply isn’t very exciting.
In Simulation Theory you have been thrust into another reality and your goal is simple, get out. To do this you will have to navigate three themed existences; a fantasy world, the sci-fi universe of the arc and a prison. The goal is simple, find one of the two exits from your current reality, either hidden in the treasure deck or guarded by a boss on the main board.
Board Game Quest:

Play with your food! In Maki Stack you’ll race the clock and your opponents to balance plates, bottles, and sushi. Only those with the best balance and correct combination of items will be the sushi master.

Maki Stack is a Dexterity game for 2, 4 or 6 players that plays best with 4.

Maiden's Quest Review

It’s a story as old as the hills: a maiden is kidnapped and hidden away in a tower waiting for rescue from a savior. Sounds familiar and boring. Now imagine instead of sitting around and biding her time, she takes the initiative, breaks down doors, kicks bad guys in the face, and escapes all on her own. This second tale is a story far more interesting and relevant to our more enlightened thinking and is the story that put forward by Maiden’s Quest, the newest card game by WizKids.

Maiden’s Quest is an adventure card game for 1-2 players, which can be increased to 3+ with a second game box. Maiden’s Quest plays best with one player.

Hannibal & Hamilcar Review

Wargames do it in classic ways. Meaning to say that wargames (abstract mostly) represent some of the oldest board game styles and derive their themes from clashes of warriors on the battlefield under the command of epic generals. The components generally don’t need to be fancy, and often the simplest components allow players to focus on strategy over flashy army men (not that those aren’t awesome in their own right).

PHALANX is a publisher aiming to take one of these classics (in terms of theme and age) and spruce it up for a 2018 audience. Hannibal & Hamilcar is a 2 player wargame set in the classic conflict of the Punic Wars. The original game, Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage is a venerable title from 1996 and while age has not dimmed its allure to wargaming fans, this new edition now includes the Hamilcar expansion and (fancy?) miniatures for generals. Not that it may bother wargamers prepared to settle in for a long fight, but the full experience of the game can take over 3 hours.

Drive Thru Review:

Drop It Review

Drop It Review Intro (00:00); gameplay overview (01:10); final thoughts and review (05:48)

Space Marine Adventures Review

Space Marine Adventures Review Intro (00:00); gameplay overview (01:21); final thoughts and review (11:20)