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Rewards & Rarities RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

So, your party completed the quest and found the widget for the king. What should their reward be? Or, they headed into a new town and walked into the local magic shop. What is there to buy? Maybe they just made a deal with a Fae. What is in store for them? Well, you can find out with Rewards & Rarities, a new RPG supplement up on Kickstarter that's all about new treasures, spells, and boons.

From the campaign:

Provide your adventurers with a remarkable collection of treasures both magical and mundane with Rewards and Rarities, a complete guide to awarding the exploits of 5th Edition characters!

Rewards and Rarities is no mere magic item compendium; it is a comprehensive collection of tools, tips, and tricks to make handing out loot memorable for everyone at the table.

Whether you’re a player bored of basic arms and armor or a DM struggling to give your party memorable magic items, Rewards and Rarities brings you the solutions you need, all at the low cost of a Kickstarter pledge.

From potions to ponies, sabers to spell scrolls, wands to wagons, Rewards and Rarities is your one-stop shop for rewarding the most heroic adventuring parties. Never again have your pack cluttered with magic items you forget or struggle to assemble a draconic hoard. Rewards and Rarities gives your games a trove to remember.

The campaign's headed to 10x funded with 18 days left to go.