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Rocketmen Deck-Building Game Now Available

Well, we've had a billionaire in space. But what about the rest of us? We might not be able to strap ourselves into a rocket and go to space for real, but we can still live vicariously through our games such as Rocketmen, a new deck-building game available now from Ares Games and Phalanx.

From the article:

Rocketmen, a sci-fi deck-building game of swift decision-making and tactical choices by Michael Wallace, is now shipping to distributors and will start to hit the shelves in US from July 12th. The game releases alongside three accessories - a Miniature Expansion Set, a Player's Mat Set with four neoprene mats, and a Giant Playing Mat.

In Rocketmen, one to four players compete with each other exploring space and colonizing Earth Orbit, Moon, and Mars. They can feel like a tycoon in the space industry, managing huge enterprises, focusing on environmental protection, discovering advanced technologies, and sending out various missions. The game presents two variants of play: a regular and a simplified one called Battle for Earth.

Rocketmen is published by PHALANX and its English edition is distributed by Ares Games in North America and non-European countries.