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Sabbat: The Black Hand Book for Vampire: The Masquerade Available to Pre-Order on Roll20

I was just on Roll20 this weekend, playing an RPG session. Even after the pandemic relaxes and we can get back to normal, our game will still play online, as it lets us get players from all over together without having multi-hour trips to get to game. And for those playing Vampire: The Masquerade, you can now pre-order the Sabbat: The Black Hand book on the platform.

From the announcement:

Sabbat: The Black Hand is now available for pre-order on Roll20! The preorder is a short one this time as the new book will be available alongside it's retail release next week, 10/27! Sabbat is a new antagonists guide for Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition and gives Storytellers everything they need to include this dark sect of vampire cultists into their Chronicle.

This version of the book of course covers everything in the physical book text in a searchable Compendium both in game or on your browser. It also includes drag-and-drop for all of the new Antagonists to save valuable time for Storytellers. All of the new Discipline Powers are also drag-and-drop right onto the gorgeous Roll20 character sheet. If you haven't tried rolling with that sheet yet - you should check it out, complete with custom Vampire Dice in the chat log.Go pick up your copy and it'll be all ready for you on day one.