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Seidkona Saga: Shadow of Killmoure RPG Adventure Up On Kickstarter

The saga comes to an end. The third installment of the Seidkona Saga is up on Kickstarter now. It's called Shadow of Killmoure. And it's not just any adventure, but an entirely co-op one, meaning you don't even need a DM to play.

From the campaign:

Has your D&D campaign suffered scheduling issues that resulted in nights where you wish you could still play? Or would you like a single (or co-op) player module to run in between sessions?

If so, Seidkona Saga is perfect for you! Seidkona Saga is a trilogy, consisting of Wizards of the High Tower, The Last Seidkona and Shadow of Killmoure. Each book in the trilogy is a solo/co-op D&D 5E campaign that can be run without a DM.

The campaign's up and over its funding goal with 27 days left to go.