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Sins of the Adventurers RPG Up On Kickstarter

I mean, even before I looked at what this game was about, that features image got me interested. Sins of the Adventurers is a new fantasy RPG up on Kickstarter. It's not really post-apocalyptic, but it's beyond the time where most of the heroes in the RPGs we usually play have done their thing. The new system is also level-less. Head on over and check out the project below.

From the campaign:

You are not heroes. You are the clean-up crew. 

Your predecessors were not heroes either. They were the mess.

The Golden Age of Adventurers has long since passed. The propaganda about monsters can no longer be tolerated. Monsters are not inherently evil and have always been the byproducts of reckless Adventurers’ flippant use of magic. Where eradication failed, desperation gave way to evolution, and a new breed of evolved monsters burst forth. The safe spaces we created became havens but soon became fortresses, and later, cages. With nowhere else to go, we decorate the bars.

Monsters and landscapes evolve dangerously fast, still saturated with old magic and reckless actions. All monsters have a Core Solution, a nonviolent way to return them to their original forms or bring their souls to rest. Adventurers are already drawn to each other by the same magic their predecessors could not handle. There is always the chance to be better together. Defy death outside the cities, cultivate hope inside the cities, and take back the glory of being an Adventurer. 

While generally unwanted within cities, you are priceless for your ability to survive outside them. Your opportunities persist: confront mistakes from the past, restore connections between the cities, and leave the world a better place than you found it. How anonymous you remain is up to you, just like your destiny is.

The campaign's really close to its funding goal with 13 days left to go.