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Skirmisher Publishing Releases Six Spells: Blood RPG Supplement

Blood. It's what keeps us going. Many different cultures have felt that blood had magical properties and used it in their rituals. With Six Spells: Blood, RPG players can add it to their repertoire now too. This new supplement from Skirmisher Publishing is available now.

From the website:

Many believe blood magic is solely the purview of necromancers and sorcerers, but these wizards were not the first to use it, and Druids and other nature priests understood for far longer that life comes from death.

This mini-publication contains six blood-oriented spells — Blood Harvest, Blood Spawn, Butcher’s Cure, Cleanse the Water, Death Brings Life, and Egg Sacrifice — compatible with any games using the OGL/d20 system. Many are designed to model the sorts of powers traditionally associated with divine spellcasters who support and protect specific areas or communities.