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Skirmisher Publishing Releases The Water Tiger Monster

Skirmisher Publishing has a tradition of releasing stats for monsters based on the Lunar New Year. Well, that's coming up soon and so they have next year's release ready. It's Shui Hu, the water tiger. You can download your copy and add it to your games now.

From the release:

In honor of the Lunar New Year, we have released the Shui Hu! This publication includes a detailed D&D 5E description and stats for the “Water Tiger” of the Asian Zodiac and is a perfect addition to anything from a traditional fantasy campaign setting to one with East Asian or Wuxia elements.

Water Tigers, are large, dangerous Elemental monstrosities that have the heads, forequarters, and torsos of Tigers and the lower bodies of great Carps. Overall, they have a striking, frightening, and impressive appearance.

Water Tigers are very rare on the Prime Material Plane and those present on it will likely be found in freshwater ponds, marshes, and slow-moving streams and rivers in woodland areas. Water Tigers are sometimes also kept as guardians or companions by powerful spellcasters or water-dwelling Elemental beings like Marids. They can also be found in the temples of various deities, especially those associated with the Asian Zodiac or the element of water.

In cultures that observe the Lunar New Year and adhere to the Asian Zodiac, spellcasters sometimes summon Water Tigers to take part in annual celebrations. Such creatures are then typically displayed in ceremonial ponds, doted on and fed treats, and otherwise honored for the duration of their stays. They might also be summoned for things like assassinating enemies, defending temple sanctuaries from intruders, or anything else for which an aquatic predator would be ideal.