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Skirmisher Publishing Warehouse Clearance Sale Happening Now

Moving. It's a very annoying process. You gotta pack up all your stuff in boxes, rent a truck, and move it to the new location, only to have to unpack everything. Skirmisher Publishing is moving and instead of packing things up to a new warehouse, they're hoping to just send it to you. So, they've got a Spring Cleaning Warehouse Sale going on now.

From the announcement:

Skirmisher Publishing is relocating and has discounted print copies of more than 30 books, a CD-ROM, and six sets of miniatures by up to 80% for the Warehouse Clearance Sale we have launched to reduce our existing inventory! This catalog includes information and links back to all of them at the Skirmisher store. 

We have also created a number of very special bundles that include different combinations of books and which variously include additional discounts, reduced shipping costs, and exclusive bonus items.

These are the very best prices we have ever offered for print books and miniatures and will likely never do this again, as we have shifted over primarily to print-on-demand at this point and will no longer have this level of physical inventory available. A number of items have also sold out since we launched this sale. So, be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity while you have the chance and to expand your own library a bit or to pick up at the very best prices some gifts for other gamers in your life.