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Skyrim: The Adventure Game Now Available From Modiphius

One of the world's most popular video games is coming to your tabletops now. Modiphius is happy to release Skyrim: The Adventure Game. If you missed out on the Gamefound campaign, now's your chance to get it for yourself. Head on over to their website and order yours today.

From the announcement:

Fear not, weary traveller! If you used to be an adventurer and took an arrow to the knee, don't worry, you can explore Skyrim from the comfort of your own home because Skyrim: The Adventure game is available now!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Adventure Game is a 1-4 player co-operative game of adventure and exploration across Skyrim. Players take the roles of heroes involved in epic quests, working together to defeat their enemies and exploring the vast expanse of Skyrim. You will be able to choose character miniatures like the Khajiit, Nord, or High Elf; plan your strategy with weapons or spells; and fight your way through forgotten mines, Draugr-infested tombs, or ancient Dwemer cities to find ancient treasures and increase your power.

The players must remain alert as the threat increases across Skyrim as Dragons, Daedra, Trolls, and more roam the lands and wreak havoc across the holds. Players need to work together to keep the lands free, whilst balancing the demands of their most important quests.

With the numerous choices of characters, gear, magic, and skills matched with the many decisions each player makes through their quests, there are hundreds of hours of gameplay, with some stories not even seen based on your early decisions. The face of Skyrim can change during the game, impacting the course of the players' experience in subsequent chapters. At any time, the players can simply reset, choose another character and play style, make different choices, and experience things differently. Alternatively, pick a chapter that sounds fun and drop in to just play that adventure as a one-off.