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Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies Board Game Up On Gamefound

You're just flying along your regular route, transporting cargo, when you end up in a different dimension. You may think, "that's cool," but then the pterodactyls start attacking and you're like, "Maybe we should get home..." That's where you find yourself in Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies, a new, standalone expansion for the Sleeping Gods game. You can check out the project on Gamefound now.

From the campaign:

San Francisco, 1937. Your cargo plane flies through a portal in the sky, transporting you to a rugged landscape filled with bizarre creatures, scheming gods, and untold dangers. But can you find your way back before the portal closes? Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies is a standalone sequel set in the world of Sleeping Gods. Adventure through a vast land as you read branching storylines, experiencing a thrilling tale that hinges on your choices.

The campaign's over 25x funded with 19 days left to go.