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Space Kraken Board Game Up On Kickstarter

In tales of old from the sea, sailors would spin yarns about massive krakens rising up from the deep to attack their ships. And while giant squids do exist, they weren't really a threat to a ship of any real size. However, the space krakens that live in the depths of space are certainly big enough to be a threat for ships. And it's getting away from one that's your goal in Space Kraken, a new sci-fi board game up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

SPACE KRAKEN is a Rogue-like game for 1-4 players with an asymmetric multiplayer. It opens a new genre: a well-done blend of Rogue-like dungeon crawler, RPG, strategy and solitair elements. Immerse yourself within a fantastic science-fiction adventure full of strange aliens, quests, and mysteries. You will set up your crew, contend with various enemies and try to claim what you can procure, to upgrade your spaceship and equip and level up your crew.

 A Crypted Game Master (CGM) breathes life into the game by guiding you through various story lines that develop in parallel. It also administers secret things which are occurring. The CGM consists of scripted printed sheets. You can handle developments even if you are not able to see the contents of the events it prepares in secret, in a way never previously presented in a game. 

You will also plan your own space flights and discover worlds which have never been discovered by any human. In space there are also risks, so you will become involved in different types of space combats as well. 

This game is made for all RPG, science fiction, and tactical game fans who want to recruit their own crew to escape from Earth and discover the dark systems of the SPACE KRAKEN.

The campaign's working its way towards 5x funded with 20 days left to go.