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Space Time Card Game Up On Kickstarter

There's a lot of opportunity out there among the stars. As a space-faring scavenger, it's up to you to find the loot and sell it for a profit. Just be careful, as there's space pirates as well. That's where you find yourself in Space Time, a new card game up on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

n Space Time, you role play as a scavenger who flies your trusty rocket all around the universe, in an attempt to earn income, by completing tasks, finding items, and using tools at your disposal to gain an advantage. But, watch out for "Space Pirates." They can take everything in your cargo hold, and set you back, big time. No joke. l 70 Cards l 2-4 Players

The campaign's up and over its funding goal (being fair, they weren't asking for a lot) with 26 days left to go.