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Steamforged Announces Dark Souls RPG Collector's Edition

Steamforged Games is looking to bring Dark Souls to your tabletops with their new Dark Souls RPG. But they're also getting classy with a collector's edition. They also are going to be coming out with miniatures for the game later this year.

From the article:

Tabletop games creator and publisher Steamforged Games today revealed a special ‘Collector’s Edition’ of DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game will be available for pre-order from 15:30 UTC on February 16, with only a limited number of copies available. Unveiled for the first time in the trailer released today by Steamforged Games, the premium Collector’s Edition hardback core book will bind the same DARK SOULS™-enriched roleplaying content as the Standard Edition in an exclusive leather-look cover with embossed gold foil and gilt-edged pages. 

The design is an homage to the DARK SOULS™ bonfires, creating a glowing ember effect when light runs over the gold foil and gilt edges. 

Powered by bespoke fifth edition rules, both the Standard Edition and Collector’s Editions contain 500 pages covering everything players need to embark on roleplaying campaigns in the ruinous DARK SOULS™ universe, including bespoke character classes, a brand-new magic system, and a full bestiary teeming with memorable creatures from the video game. 

The DARK SOULS™: The Roleplaying Game Standard Edition hardback core book is available for pre-order as of today. 

Steamforged also confirmed a range of DARK SOULS™ roleplaying miniatures will be coming later this year, with box sets featuring recognisable player characters, iconic enemies, and terrifying bosses.