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Steamforged Games Announces Acquisition of Rivet Wars

Here's a title I've not heard about in a while, but certainly remember. Steamforged Games has announced that they've acquired the IP for Rivet Wars, originally released by CMON back in the day (I know because I was there).

From the release:

Steamforged Games, leading UK tabletop games developer and publisher (Godtear, Monster Hunter World: The Board Game, DARK SOULS: The Board Game, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game, Bardsung, Epic Encounters and more) is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Rivet Wars IP.

Launched in 2014, Rivet Wars is a miniatures based board game created by video game legend Ted Terranova (Rise of Nations, Age of Empires III, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning). The title has been out of print for some time and now has an exciting future at Steamforged Games.

Rich Loxam, Steamforged Games Founder & CEO, said: “Rivet Wars is a cult classic and has long been a favourite amongst the SFG team. It’s been great to work with Ted on the acquisition and we are really excited for the future of the brand.”.

Ted Terranova, Creator of Rivet Wars, said: “I am elated that Rivet Wars has a new future with Steamforged Games. I’m an admirer of their creativity and ethos as well as their reliability, credibility and consistency within the industry. Rivet Wars was always a passion project, so it gives me huge satisfaction to know it’s in safe hands. I can’t wait to see where they take the game next.”.