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Steamforged Games Launches Resident Evil 3 Board Game Kickstarter

You've been seeing the previews. Chances are, you played the videogame. Now, you can pledge for the board game. Steamforged has launched their Kickstarter campaign for Resident Evil 3: The Board Game. You and your fellow survivors must fight their way through all manner of mutated monstrosities in an effort to escape Raccoon City.

From the campaign:

Based on Capcom’s classic Resident Evil™ 3: Nemesis video game, Resident Evil™ 3: The Board Game is a cooperative campaign game for 1-4 players. 

Playing as a survivor trapped in Raccoon City, you must fight to survive the nightmare and make your escape—but with unknown terrors waiting around every corner, can you handle the suspense?

The campaign's around 2x funded with 14 days left to go.