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Steamforged Previews Kami for Alchemist's Guild

While you can go get your pre-order on for the latest set of rookies for Guild Ball, not all of their stats have been released yet. So, if, for example, you're wanting to know how Kami works, up until reading below, you'd have to order her blind. But we're not into that kind of thing here at TGN. So, let's get you a bit of a preview.

From the post:

Kami was a kind soul from Numa who came over to join the Free Cities Draft against the wishes of her family, purely because she loves Guild Ball. She gained some notoriety during the Draft  for bringing her pistols to games and using them to great effect to puncture the ball and confuse and distract enemy players (c’mon, she’s not allowed to use ‘real’ ammo, that’s a bit much even for GB games!).  [Giblin: Can someone suggest that to Chaska?]