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Steamforged Previews Veteran Greede for Guild Ball

You wouldn't think that a turtle would be a good addition to a sports team. But the Union isn't like most sports teams. The Union is getting itself a new captain in the form of Captain Greede. You can already pre-order this model, but what does he do on the pitch? Let's find out.

From the post:

Hey there, Guild Ball fans. 

We’ve got something really special for you today.

He was shown off last year at SteamCon, he’s abandoned his previous pal for a brand new shellboy, and he’s determined to rebuild the Union in his own image.

That’s right:

It’s Veteran Greede!

And he’s riding Strongbox!

How awesome is that?

Guild Ball’s Lead Developer, Bryce Johnston, is here to tell you just how awesome it is...