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Steamforged Taking Pre-Orders For Shepherd's Guild

The Shepherd's Guild is the next team that will be coming out for Guild Ball. They're the Minors for the Farmer's Guild, giving that team a couple new options as well in the process. If you're wanting to get this new team, you can go over and put your name down on the list to get it now. Be the first gamer on your block with these figures when they're released.

From the website:

Released March 27th 2020, any orders containing this item will be shipped for the release date or shortly after.

“Folks will flock to the stands to see these guys play …”

- Lucky, Free Agent

Guiding his team through the dangers of the Guild Ball pitch, Herder isn’t sheepish about ramming in a crowd-pleasing goal. His Shepherds work together to win, bolstered by a farmyard of animals and a football legend for a teammate. Woe betide any foe who injures one of their players, for the culprit may find out this team are really wolves in sheep’s clothing.

This set includes seven players: Herder, Babe, Hook and Crook, Lamb, Ram, Shearer. Also included is a 3D terrain piece, a goalpost and a ball. All miniatures are cast in coloured resin.