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Steven Rhodes Games Available Now From Cryptozoic

The trio of Steven Rhodes Games are now available from Cryptozoic. They had their Kickstarter. They sent out to their backers. Now, it's your chance to get them. Head over to their website or your LGS now and get your own copies.

From the website:


Hello, fans of fun, funny, and fast-paced gaming! I am super proud to talk about our DYNOMITE Games partnership with the incredibly hilarious graphic artist and illustrator Steven Rhodes! First, let me give you the lowdown on DYNOMITE Games: It’s a fun little sub-brand of titles from Cryptozoic Entertainment that focuses on bringing core hobby gaming mechanics to casual board game players.

How many times has this happened to you: You want to play games with some friends who are willing, but they are probably not ready for 20+ minutes of rules learning. Rather than suggesting super-simple party games, you can break out a bite-sized game that includes REAL strategy elements and rules that can be taught in less than 5 minutes! That’s right: Our three Steven Rhodes games feature real hobby gaming mechanics in easy-to-understand and fun-to-play game experiences. AND with any luck, these gateway games will get your friends to sit quietly as you spend a half an hour teaching them some of the other games that you’ve been dying to find players for!