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TTCombat Previews New Dropzone Commander Website

TTCombat is looking to create a new one-stop shop for all things Dropzone Commander in the form of a new website that includes an army builder. They've posted up a version that you can go check out and poke around a bit. Help them find any bugs or inconsistencies and make the site everything it can be.

From the article:

Hi Dropzone Commander players. I’m very excited to invite everyone to test out the new Dropzone Commander site with the brand new Force Builder.

For a short while, the new site and builder will be available at this address: This will be taken offline end of this week, probably late Thursday.

This is to test load tolerance and of course, to get feedback from you all on the new site. The new Force Builder has had a lot of work on it, and is completely reworked from the current release.

Any and all feedback is appreciated, however we do ask that it is sent to us at so it can be properly recorded and collated. This way we have a good set of feedback to work on for a week until launch.