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The Atlas of the Latter Earth RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

Want more options? What more locations to play in? What amazing histories of great nations? Then you'll want to check out the Kickstarter project for The At last of the Latter Earth, running now.

From the campaign:

Within these pages you will learn of the lands of the Latter Earth, barbarous and splendid in their blood-stained sorceries and savage wars. From the terrible fanes of Ninth Leng in the north to the steaming jungles of slaver-cursed Runom and the uttermost southern cold of the tomb-cities of Maqqatba, dozens of fantastic realms and fearsome lands await your curiosity. Their secrets and more await within these pages:

  •  A timeline of the Latter Earth's recent history, laying out the cruel depredations of the alien Outsiders, the rise of mighty human empires, and the woeful errors and misfortunes that felled so many of those ancient princes.
  •  Thirty-eight nations, tribes, fatal wildernesses, magical desolations, and islands of the western hemisphere of the Latter Earth, with dozens of maps to guide your adventures.
  •  A full bestiary of foul creatures, mysterious entities, and fearsome foes suitable to the Latter Earth, with dozens of creatures for your heroes to handle whether they venture on land or by sea.
  •  New classes for bold heroes, including the sagacious Wise for low- and no-magic campaigns, the Mageslayer for smiting wicked sorcerers, and the wily Bard for heroes who prefer a golden word over an iron blade.
  • A multitude of new origin Foci to support those heroes who wish to rise from different stock, whether of the harried beastfolk of Runom, the labor-hardened Zakathi of Atlantis, or even the disturbing philosophical entities known as the !Men.
  •  Optional rules to help ambitious GMs run campaigns in low- or no-magic settings, include early modern firearms, accommodate alchemical workings, introduce gritty wound and health rules, and more besides.
  • And for those tasteful enjoyers of Sine Nomine's system-neutral GM tools, fifty shiny new Character Tags to help you put some life and motivation into your antagonists and allies. That sinister high priest isn't just a generic demon-worshipper, she was Marked For Success, but has Come Down In The World.

The campaign's more than 4x funded with 24 days left to go.