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The Barbarian's Bloody Conquest RPG Up On Kickstarter

The next installment of the Wizard's Grimoire saga is up on Kickstarter. It's called The Barbarian's Bloody Quest and it puts you in the role of the titular barbarian. Wizards destroyed your village. Now, you're seeking revenge against them.

From the campaign:

The Barbarian's Bloody Quest is second in a series of zine-sized tabletop rpgs that share a world and a system. In the first game, The Wizard's Grimoire, you're an ambitious wizard with a grimoire beyond your arts. This game turns the tables: now you're a warrior and wanderer sworn to vengeance upon the wizard who wronged you.

The games are compatible! If you have both games, one of you can play the barbarian from this game, and one of you can play the wizard from that game. As long as you can set aside your differences, there's no reason why you can't work together for your mutual good.

When you pledge for The Barbarian's Bloody Quest, The Wizard's Grimoire is available as an add-on.

The campaign's headed to 10x funded with 9 days left to go.