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The Captain is Dead: The Problem with Priggles Expansion Now Available

Beware the cute things. It may seem like a good idea to just have the cute Priggles around, but they're clingy little bastards. So, even though they're good for getting rid of aliens, it can be hard to get rid of THEM in return. The Problem with Priggles is a new expansion for The Captain is Dead that's available now from AEG.

From the website:

Nobody knows what Priggles are or where they came from. What is known is that they don’t like the aliens. Or maybe it’s the aliens that don’t like them? Either way, who cares? The important thing is that they can be used against the aliens, and that makes them really handy. Unfortunately, they’re clingy little things, and once they get their cute little hooks in you, it can be really hard to shake them off...


• 9 Priggle Cards

• 1 Cargo Pod Card

• 2 Rules Cards

• 2 Reference Cards