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The Dark Histories Volume I: Corrupted Flesh Horror RPG Adventures Up On Kickstarter

Looking to add horror elements to your RPG? The Dark Histories Volume I: Corrupted Flesh can certainly help. It's a series of 14 interconnected Adventures to send your players on, all with deep themes of horror. These adventures are written for 5th edition D&D, 3.5th edition D&D, and Storyteller Format. You can check it out on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Dark Histories vol. I: Corrupted Flesh is offered in three different editions, 5e, 3.5e and the Storyteller Format (STF). The 5e and 3e editions will function as supplements to each respective system, while the STF edition will introduce a completely new system, specifically designed to enhance the TTRPG narrative experience for both players and those running the game.

Any backer receiving a PDF version of Corrupted Flesh’s 3 book set will receive a copy of all three formats. That’s 9 PDFs! Backer receiving physical products such as a Hardcover copy of Corrupted Flesh’s 3 book set or character sheets will be sent a survey after the campaign has concluded to insure they receive their preferred format.

Corrupted Flesh’s Storyteller Guide Features 14 interwoven Adventures with plethora of tools to help the game’s Storyteller (AKA Gamemaster) create an immersive sandbox style game, where each player feels like they are the main character.

The Storyteller Guide includes...

  • A Storyteller specific introduction to the world of Orenpedia
  • 14 interwoven adventures, each with a moral dilemma, multiple endings and lasting in game consequences
  • Game content divided into 3 geographical zones to help track information
  • Techniques to create sandbox style game experience
  • Storyteller specific information regarding spell mechanics and player character archetypes

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